DDC-I Technical Support

DDC-I prides itself on having superior customer service which is unmatched in the industry. This is demonstrated by our unique support philosophy that allows our customers to have direct access to high level development engineers, not a software help desk.  The benefits of this customer service approach means our customers don’t have to go through 3 & 4 buffer levels to get an answer and also keeps our key development engineers in touch with our customers needs and product usage.

DDC-I has been supporting its products for military and avionics programs that have extended life-cycles since its beginning in the early ’80s.  We currently have customers on active technical support for our legacy Ada compiler products (DACS & TADS), and development tool suites that were developed and originally purchased in the 1980’s and ‘90’s. We now carry that philosophy forward with our RTOS products Deos and HeartOS and have our support infrastructure set to support our products for the active life of the avionics on the aircraft.

  • Direct Access to High Level Engineers
  • Experienced in DO-178 Avionics Certification
  • Software Services with DO-178 Verification Evidence up to DAL A
  • Proven Track Record of Long Term Support
  • Training Classes Offering a Fast Start
Development Tools and Runtime Support

RTOS and tooling support is provided as part of the subscription development license. Technical discussions often involve workstation desk sharing with the Deos user to help rapidly and efficiently diagnose the issue and give guidance.

  • Support provided by key development engineers during DDC-I’s normal business hours.
  • Written Software Support Logs received and acknowledged and their disposition is reported within 48 hours.
  • Support Logs are responded to by suggesting work arounds or issuing new releases of the software at DDC-I discretion.
  • New releases and upgrades, with problem corrections and product enhancements are distributed as they become available.
Certification Artifact Support

For each software component we deliver to our customers that have associated certification artifacts, we archive and provide a copy of the certification baseline, which includes all DO-178 Software Life Cycle Data, in perpetuity for any possible future maintenance needs. Customers are notified of any defect that is reported by any customer on any baseline that affects their products. Customers under Certification Artifact Support will get any required support services necessary to address the aforementioned issue.

DO-178 Certification Defense

DDC-I is well known in the avionics certification community and for almost 20 years, has successfully completed numerous certification audits since the first DAL A certification of a Deos baseline in 1998. Working directly with certification authorities (and/or their designees), we offer certification defense of all the DO-178 Software Lifecycle Data for all DDC-I  provided DO-178 products including RTOSs, tooling, BSPs and other contracted deliverables.  This includes all pre/post SOI 1 - 4 audit correspondence and action items required for certification. DDC-I delivers to our customers the security of knowing the certification of all purchased components is handled.

Product Customization and Porting

Our product customization and board support package services are based on a wealth of safety critical experience.  We offer services that allow our customers a low risk solution for hardware and operating system support. We will port our RTOS to customer specific hardware platforms with full certification artifacts, as well as full defense of those artifacts with certification authorities.  This allows our customers to focus on their application, not the hardware and software platform it’s running on.