DDC-I Management Team

Bob Morris, President/CEO

Bob has served as president/CEO for DDC-I since September of 2005. He brings more than 25 years of business and executive management experience for embedded software and storage companies to his role of leading DDC-I into the mission and safety critical software markets. Prior to joining DDC-I, Bob was vice president of sales and marketing at LynuxWorks, an embedded operating system and tools company, and vice president of marketing and business development for Chaparral Network Storage, a fiber channel networking company. Before Chaparral he was president and chief operating officer of Gambit Automated Design, a software and services company, and led the company through its successful acquisition by Synopsys, Inc. Bob has also served in executive management positions at Vanguard Technology (StorNet), ATG Cygnet, Conner Peripherals, and was the general manager of Fujitsu Computer Products Secondary Storage Division.

Laurent Meilleur, Vice President of Sales

Laurent Meilleur is currently serving as vice president of sales. Before assuming his current position, Laurent led the company’s regional sales and business development efforts since joining DDC-I in September of 2007. Laurent brings more than 30 years of sales and marketing leadership and engineering experience in the embedded industry to DDC-I.

Prior to working for DDC-I, Laurent was responsible for developing new tier 1 accounts for applications ranging from avionics to communications systems at LynuxWorks. Prior to LynuxWorks, Laurent held senior management, sales and business development positions at Mizar, RTWare, Matrix and other embedded hardware and software companies. Laurent started his career in engineering positions with United Technologies – Mostek division.

Greg Rose, Vice President of Marketing

Greg Rose joined DDC-I as vice president of marketing in January of 2009. Greg brings more than 35 years of experience in marketing, product management, business development and engineering in embedded software, hardware and intellectual property licensing.

Before joining DDC-I, Greg was vice president of marketing at Unidym, a late-stage start-up carbon nanotechnology company. Prior to Unidym, Greg held executive management positions in marketing and product management with Phoenix Technologies, Transmeta, and LynuxWorks. Earlier in his career, he held senior engineering positions with Concurrent Computer, LTV Aerospace and Defense, and McDonnell Douglas.

Bill Cronk, Vice President of Product Management

Bill Cronk joined DDC-I in October of 2008.  Bill was an original developer of the company’s Deos Operating System and has held a variety of key technical and leadership positions within the DDC-I organization and Deos’s original creator Honeywell International.  Bill brings over 25 years of technical leadership and practice in development of DO-178 certifiable safety critical software to the DDC-I team.

Bill has a unique blend of avionics development experience and RTOS development experience that is invaluable to his understanding of customer and feature set requirements for the Deos product line. Prior to joining DDC-I, he was employed at both Honeywell and Kutta Technologies. In these positions he was a developer on various commercial avionics industry systems such as: Auto Throttle, Flight Management System, Software Defined Radio, and Universal Ground Controller software applications, as well as the development of Deos starting in 1995.

Richard Frost, Vice President of Engineering

Richard Frost joined DDC-I in January of 1996. During this time, Richard has worked on virtually every product offered by DDC-I and has held key technical and leadership positions for several of the products. Richard is currently responsible for DDC-I’s core engineering and engineering operations functions including: all RTOS components, OpenArbor IDE, compilers, debuggers, legacy products (Ada 83/95 toolsets, Jovial, etc.) and Information Technology (IT).

Richard brings more than 22 years of experience in embedded software. He currently participates on the ARINC 653 standards committee. Prior to joining DDC-I, Richard worked on software for restructuring technical documents and display software for a power simulation product while attending Arizona State University.