DDC-I Cosponsors January 29 FACE™ Consortium F2F Meeting with North Atlantic Industries and CoreAVI

Scottsdale, AZ. January 25, 2019.  DDC-I, a leading supplier of software and professional services for mission- and safety-critical applications, today announced that it will join with North Atlantic Industries and CoreAVI in co-sponsoring the January 29 FACE Consortium F2F meeting. The meeting, which drives the latest FACE standardization efforts, will be held from January 29-31 at the Scottsdale Plaza Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ.

“DDC-I has been a pioneer in providing mission- and safety-critical software to the military and aerospace industry for over 35 years and continues to provide that leadership in helping drive FACE standardization efforts and offer FACE-aligned RTOS solutions and integrated systems,” said Greg Rose, vice president of marketing and product management at DDC-I. “Like FACE, our safety-critical DO-178 RTOS solutions have been crafted from the ground up for reuse and binary portability, from the microkernel architecture to industry standard software interfaces.”

DDC-I will share keynote duties with fellow co-sponsors NAI and CoreAVI, focusing on FACE requirements and implementation for safety-critical real-time operating systems. DDC-I will also join its fellow co-sponsors in providing a live demonstration of an integrated FACE-aligned safety-critical system running high-end graphics.  Utilizing NAI’s Custom-on-Standard-Architecture™ (COSA®), the integrated system will feature DDC-I’s DO-178 Deos real-time operating system running CoreAVI’s safety-critical OpenGL SC-based graphic drivers and ENSCO IData embedded display software.

Deos is a safety-critical embedded RTOS that employs patented slack scheduling, memory pools, and cache partitioning to deliver higher CPU utilization than any other certifiable safety-critical COTS RTOS. First certified to DO-178 DAL A in 1998, Deos provides a FACE Safety Base Profile that features hard real-time response, time and space partitioning, and both ARINC-653 and POSIX interfaces. SafeMC™ technology extends Deos’ advanced capabilities to multiple cores, enabling developers of safety-critical systems to achieve best in class multicore performance without compromising safety-critical task response and guaranteed execution time.

About The Open Group FACE Consortium

The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium, a consortium of The Open Group, is an aviation-focused professional group made up of U.S. industry suppliers, customers and users. The FACE Consortium provides a vendor-neutral forum for industry and the U.S. government to work together to develop and consolidate the open standards, best practices, guidance documents and business models necessary to achieve these results. For more information visit: www.opengroup.org/face.

About DDC-I, Inc.

DDC-I, Inc. is a global supplier of real-time operating systems, software development tools, custom software development services, and legacy software system modernization solutions, with a primary focus on mission- and safety-critical applications. DDC-I’s customer base is an impressive “who’s who” in the commercial, military, aerospace, and safety-critical industries. DDC-I offers safety-critical real-time operating systems, compilers, integrated development environments and run-time systems for C, C++, Ada, and JOVIAL application development. For more information regarding DDC-I products, contact DDC-I at 4600 E. Shea Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85028; phone (602) 275-7172; fax (602) 252-6054; e-mail sales@ddci.com or visit https://www.ddci.com/pr1901.

DDC-I Cosponsors January 29 FACE™ Consortium F2F Meeting with North Atlantic Industries and CoreAVI