Deos Certification Artifact Package Training

This one week training course will enable participants to fulfill the Deos Platform Verification role, and successfully interface with DDC-I provided DO-178C Software Life Cycle Data.

Who Should Attend

Typically it is one or two members of the applicant’s team assigned to the Platfrom Integrator role.

  • Deos RTOS and Development System Product Training.
  • Note that DDC-I recommends this course occur during or immediately following the a project or program’s development review.
What You’ll Learn

The training material for this on-site one week course will emphasize and familiarize students with:

  • Verification of configuration files
  • Product specific Deos platform registry requirements
  • Structural coverage using the DDC-I Assembly Branch Coverage (ABC) tool.
  • Use of the certification artifact package
  • Areas of responsibility for certification
  • Best practices in the areas of responsibility for the target system developer
  • Tools used in the above
On-site Classroom Requirements

In order to provide the most effective training, the following infrastructure is recommended:

  • Room large enough to hold all students and their workstations
  • Projection capability
  • Optional classroom features:
    • Connectivity to internet
  • A LAN local to the classroom (required if training on ‘real hardware’ is desired)