Lunch & Learn – Deos Technical Overview – Huntsville, AL – January 16, 2020

Join DDC-I for a technical overview in Huntsville, AL on Deos, our DO-178C DAL A certifiable operating system.

Deos is designed to allow engineers to design multicore safe and certifiable systems:

  • Deos SafeMC Safe Scheduling
  • Cache Partitioning

– Deos includes a DAL A linking loader to minimize change impact
– FACE 3.0 Conformant
– ARINC 653, RMA and POSIX scheduling supported
– Para-virtualization of RTEMS for mature POSIX support
– Wide array of processor support, including ARM, Intel and PowerPC

The seminar will focus on bounding and controlling interference patterns to effectively allow engineers to design for multicore DAL A certification.

OAR – Intrepid Main Conference Room
990 Explorer Blvd
Huntsville, AL 35806

When :
Thursday, January 16, 11-1 pm
Lunch will be served

Seating is limited and registration is required. Please register with Nancy Lamb, 602-386-4345