Patent Details for Managing Cache

For over a decade, the Deos engineering team worked diligently on creating a certifiable deterministic multicore environment for safety critical applications. They recognized that limiting and bounding interference patterns between cores was essential for a viable deterministic multicore system. The FAA and EASA findings (e.g., CAST-32A and CRI) validated this concern.

Cache effects (e.g., cache thrashing) is already a concern in single core systems, and often accounts for much of the variation between average and worse case execution times (or imposes overheads by flushing cache between partitions and/or context switches). In multicore systems, cache effects must be managed and bounded or it will be a significant source of interference (between cores).  Deos engineers developed a means to manage cache and protected their finding and developments through licensed patents. A few of the many Deos patents are listed here:

DDC-I’s Deos is the only COTS OS to have the rights to practice these patents and these patented innovations allow our customers to effectively manage the microprocessors cache to minimize interference patterns. These technologies may also be applied in single core Deos systems in order to reduce worse case execution times.