Migration from Bare Board to RTOS Training Class

s_training_i_0011Who Should Attend

Designed for software engineers, managers, and quality assurance engineers interested in learning what it will take, what to expect, and a fundamental knowledge of how to perform a bare board to RTOS migration.


Programming experience with a general familiarity of Ada or C in a bare board or RTOS environment are expected.

What You’ll Learn

Understanding the effects and processes and knowing what will need to be created is key to a successful bare board to RTOS migration project. In this class we will:

  • Describe the effect of having a different libC on the RTS.
  • Describe the effect of the change on libCpp; namely having different mangling.
  • Describe how to change the UCC for an RTOS.
  • Describe the C compilation process for an RTOS, and the importance of selecting the correct header files.
  • Describe the Ada compilation process for an RTOS, and how to create thin Ada bindings to the functions supplied by the RTOS. Create a library (alb) of thin Ada bindings and work it in to the Ada Library Path.