Mixed Language Development Techniques Training Class

s_training_i_0010Who Should Attend

Designed for software engineers, managers, and quality assurance engineers interested in learning techniques used to develop complex software systems by mixing Ada, C, C++ and Fortran.


Programming experience with a general familiarity of 2 or more languages (Ada, C, C++ or Fortran) is preferable.

What You’ll Learn

Understanding mixed language development techniques is critical to insuring a stable application during development and deployment. DDC-I provides training in mixed language development techniques to make sure your team is prepared to handle the job.

  • Why program in a variety of languages
  • Ada83 calling other languages – pragma Interface
  • Ada95 calling C – pragma Import
  • Ada95 using a supplied library
  • C calling Ada – Ada pragma Export
  • Ada calling C calling Ada and exception propagation
  • Matching types for parameters for more complex interface between C and Ada
  • C main function where some C routines call Ada
  • Ada exceptions and C++ exceptions
  • Ada and C++, Ada and Fortran
  • Mixing all (Ada, C, C++, FORTRAN)