DDC-I Announces WAMI Support for Scorpion Real-Time Java Development Environment

New Wizard for Advanced Mixed-language Integration (WAMI) enables real-time Java applications to utilize existing C, EC++, and Ada code

Phoenix, AZ. October 2, 2008. DDC-I, a leading supplier of development tools for safety-critical applications, today announced WAMI (Wizard for Advanced Mixed-Language Integration) support for its Scorpion real-time Java development environment. The new wizard simplifies mixed-language development and legacy migration by enabling real-time Java applications to utilize existing C, Embedded C++, and Ada code.

“Scorpion has the unique ability to match native Java method calls directly to existing code in C or Ada,” said Bob Morris, president and CEO of DDC-I. “WAMI makes mixed-language development easier then ever, enabling Java developers to utilize existing C, Embedded C++, and Ada code with the click of a mouse.”

Scorpion is an Eclipse-based tool set for embedded RTSJ (Real-Time Safety-Critical Java) and mixed-language development. The Scorpion environment features compilers and debuggers for Java, C, and Embedded C++, a builder for ahead-of-time Java file compilation, and a virtual machine (ScorpionVMTM) for executing real-time Java applications. Scorpion also features a smart linker that reduces code size by up to 80%, and a profiler that helps optimize speed/size tradeoffs by determining the best mix of compiled and interpreted code.

Scorpion delivers two orders of magnitude lower latency than competitive real-time Java solutions, and is the only real-time Java that provides deterministic garbage collection, a prerequisite for executing bounded, hard real-time applications. Scorpion is also the first Java solution to support mixed language development, enabling developers to combine Java with other languages such as C, Embedded C++, and Ada.

Scorpion is implemented as an Eclipse plug-in and can be utilized with any Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, including DDC-I’s OpenArbor mixed-language IDE and Wind River Systems’ Workbench development suite.

WAMI support is available immediately for the Scorpion environment. Scorpion licensing options (subscription, perpetual, project, site, corporate wide) start as low as $5000 per seat.

About DDC-I, Inc.
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DDC-I Announces WAMI Support for Scorpion Real-Time Java Development Environment