Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems Selects DDC I’s DO-178B RTOS and Tools for Airbus A350 Program

DDC-I’s Deos real-time operating system to power A350’s External Cameras and Cockpit Video System

Phoenix, AZ. January 11, 2010. DDC-I, a leading supplier of software and professional services for safety-critical applications, today announced that Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems has selected DDC-I’s time and space partitioned Deos™ real-time operating system (RTOS), OpenArbor™ development tools and DO 178B certification artifacts for use in the Concentrator and Multiplexor for Video (CMV), which is part of the Airbus A350’s External Cameras and Cockpit Video (ECCV) System. Goodrich made the selection after an extensive evaluation of COTS DO-178B RTOSes.

“We are extremely pleased that Goodrich has selected our certifiable RTOS and tools for this important program,” said Greg Rose, vice president of marketing at DDC-I. “Deos represents the culmination of hundreds of person-years of engineering investment, and provides the lowest risk, lowest cost and fastest path to avionics certification of any COTS RTOS. Deos has already been certified to DO-178B Level A in dozens of programs and flies on more commercial and military airframes than any other certifiable COTS RTOS.”

Deos is the industry’s most robust, highest performance RTOS for the safety-critical market. Featuring deterministic real-time response, the memory-protected RTOS employs patented “slack scheduling” to deliver higher CPU utilization than any other safety-critical COTS RTOS. Deos is the only certifiable time and space (T&S) partitioned COTS RTOS built from the ground up for safety-critical applications. Deos also provides the easiest, lowest cost path of any COTS RTOS to DO-178B Level A certification, the highest level of safety criticality.

Development support for Deos includes DDC-I’s Eclipse-based, mixed language OpenArbor IDE, which features C and C++ optimizing compilers, a color-coded source editor, project management support, automated build utilities, and a mixed-language, multi-window, symbolic debugger. OpenArbor also provides broad run-time target options, from the robust Deos RTOS through minimal bare-board run-time systems.

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Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems Selects DDC I’s DO-178B RTOS and Tools for Airbus A350 Program