DDC-I Teams with TTTech to Bring Time-Triggered Ethernet and ARINC 664 Communications to Deos-Hosted DO-178 Avionics Applications

Phoenix, AZ – December 16, 2018.  DDC-I, a leading supplier of software and professional services for mission- and safety-critical applications, today announced the integration of its safety-critical Deos real-time operating system with TTTech’s PMC- and XMC-based TTEEnd System A664 Rugged cards. The integrated solution brings ruggedized, redundant, switched, real-time, deterministic Ethernet and ARINC 664 communications to DO-178 avionics systems running the Deos operating system.

“We are pleased to be working with TTTech to offer our avionics customers a ruggedized, safety-critical, real-time communications solution,” said Greg Rose, vice president of marketing and product management at DDC-I. “TTTech’s End System solutions give avionics applications hosted on the Deos real-time operating system the ability to communicate in a reliable, secure, high-speed fashion using standard Ethernet, ARINC 664 or SAE AS6802 traffic classes”.

The TTEEnd System A664 Rugged is an end system that provides real-time Ethernet communications between an embedded computer and TTEthernet switches for redundant channels in a safety-critical system. Equipped with three 10/100/1000 Mbit/sec Ethernet P14 rear I/O ports running at full duplex speeds, the conduction cooled board is designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

“Combining the deterministic network time and space partitioning features of TTEthernet with the ARINC 653 Deos operating system on a certifiable state-of-the-art avionics platform  simplifies system integration”, added Christian Fidi, Director of Product Management at TTTech Aerospace.

The TTEEnd System A664 Rugged supports three Ethernet traffic classes, all operating in parallel on one physical infrastructure: standard Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), rate-constrained (ARINC 664 p7) and time-triggered (SAE AS6802). Available in PMC and XMC form factors, the board is fully implemented in hardware, enabling it to provide deterministic IP/UDP communications for critical traffic while offloading the host CPU. The board features fixed latency and transmission jitter in the sub-microsecond range and unmatched bandwidth efficiency while maintaining full determinism (up to 95 % utilization of available network bandwidth).

Deos is a safety-critical embedded RTOS that was first certified to DO-178 DAL A in 1998. Featuring deterministic real-time response, the time- and space-partitioned RTOS employs patented slack scheduling, memory pools, and cache partitioning to deliver higher CPU utilization than any other certifiable safety-critical COTS RTOS. Deos provides the easiest, lowest cost path of any COTS RTOS to DO-178 Level A certification, the highest level of safety criticality.

DDC-I’s SafeMC™ technology extends DDC-I’ s advanced time and space partitioning capabilities to multiple cores, enabling developers of safety-critical systems to achieve best in class multicore performance without compromising safety-critical task response and guaranteed execution times. SafeMC’s safe scheduling, memory pools, and cache partitioning technology help developers manage the execution of tasks and the configuration of multicore hardware in a way that makes it easy to manage high-level and low-level interference patterns, isolate detrimental sources of contention, and alleviate resource bottlenecks. The result is enhanced determinism and increased CPU utilization for safety-critical applications spanning one or more cores.

Development support for Deos includes DDC-I’s Eclipse-based, mixed-language OpenArbor™ IDE, which features C and C++ optimizing compilers, a color-coded source editor, project management support, automated build utilities, and symbolic debugger. Also included is a virtual target hardware development tool, QEMU (Quick EMUlator), that allows developers to develop, debug and test their code on their development host PC in advance of actual target hardware availability.

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DDC-I Teams with TTTech to Bring Time-Triggered Ethernet and ARINC 664 Communications to Deos-Hosted DO-178 Avionics Applications