Performance Software Partners with DDC-I in Providing Innovative Development Solutions to the Safety-Critical Space

Combination of JETS and Deos Platforms Sets New Standard in Both Safety & Performance

PHOENIX, March 12, 2020  –  Performance Software (PSW), a systems and software engineering firm specializing in embedded avionics and full life-cycle solutions for safety-critical industries, and DDC-I, a leading supplier of software and professional services for mission and safety-critical applications, today announced DDC-I’s Deos DO-178 Multicore Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is supported by PSW’s JETS, a cloud-based systems and software virtualization platform. Together, the integrated solution enables embedded development teams to quickly and safely scale by reducing dependencies on target hardware.

PSW’s JETS is a cutting-edge avionics digital twin solution enabling safety-critical programs to create, test, and certify with the FAA approved virtual platform. Developers can realize the benefit of unlimited access to hardware, faster time to market, and increased safety with higher-quality software.

“We are excited to have the Performance Software JETS virtualization environment integrated with Deos,” said Greg Rose, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at DDC-I.  “This collaboration allows our joint customers to reduce dependencies on the availability of target hardware that is one of the primary factors that leads to software and program delays for safety critical avionics programs. ”

Deos from DDC-I is a time and space partitioned, hard real time, safety-critical embedded RTOS that was first certified to DO-178 DAL A in 1998. Today, Deos has been extended with its  SafeMC™ technology that broadens its advanced capabilities to multiple cores, enabling developers of safety-critical systems to achieve best in class multicore performance without compromising safety-critical task response and guaranteed execution time. SafeMC™ employs a bound multiprocessing (BMP) extension of the symmetric multiprocessing architecture (SMP), safe scheduling, and cache partitioning to minimize cross-core contention and interference patterns that affect the performance, safety criticality and certifiability of multicore systems. These features enable avionics systems developers to address issues that could impact the safety, performance and integrity of a software airborne system executing on Multi-Core Processors (MCP), as specified by the Certification Authorities Software Team (CAST) in its Position Paper CAST-32A for Multi-core Processors.

“Avionics products of today are complex and require innovation for speed and efficiency while maintaining the highest level of quality.” said Mike Johnson, Head of Products at Performance Software. “PSW recognizes Deos as a best of breed RTOS and is excited to enable this support for our customers.”

The benefits of a JETS-Deos integrated solution includes:

  • Functional certification utilizing JETS as an off-target formal execution environment
  • Binaries of applications under test can transmit to and from the target without recompiling by leveraging Deos’ binary modularity
  • JETS ‘data bus’ hooks into Deos’ IOI enabling data decoupling and the ability to create data stimuli conditions that may be difficult to produce in real world targets
  • Scalable to complex multi-node control or IMA systems requiring synchronized clocking and data sharing
  • Offered on Arm, PowerPC, and x86

The integration of JETS and Deos offers a highly effective and cost-efficient solution for safety-critical applications. Together the companies take a giant leap forward in breaking new ground and advancing technology to create a safer, more efficient environment for the Safety-Critical space.


For more Performance Software information, please visit,, email call 623-780-7517.  For more DDC-I information, please visit, email, call 602-275-7172.


About Performance Software

Performance Software (PSW) is a software and systems engineering firm with a commitment to on-time, on-budget performance. Our company specializes in embedded avionics and full life-cycle solutions certifiable to DO-178B Level A. Additionally, we develop critical software for the energy and medical device industries. Performance Software’s reputation has earned it preferred supplier status with many Tier-1 avionics suppliers. With locations in Phoenix, Seattle, Tampa Bay/Clearwater, and Grand Rapids, PSW has the depth and experience to provide total solutions on your next program.

About DDC-I, Inc.

DDC-I, Inc. is a global supplier of real-time operating systems, software development tools, custom software development services, and legacy software system modernization solutions, with a primary focus on mission- and safety-critical applications. DDC-I’s customer base is an impressive “who’s who” in the commercial, military, aerospace, and safety-critical industries. DDC-I offers safety-critical real-time operating systems, compilers, integrated development environments and run-time systems for C, C++, Ada, and JOVIAL application development.

Performance Software Partners with DDC-I in Providing Innovative Development Solutions to the Safety-Critical Space
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