Safety Critical Real-time Embedded Operating Systems, Multi-language Compilers, Integrated Development Environments and Run-time Systems

DDC-I Offers Complete Solutions for Embedded Software Developers



Deos™ is a high performance time and space partitioned Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) that is trusted and field proven, certified to DO-178 Level A, since 1998. Deos offers several unique fundamental and patented architectural advantages and delivers a high performance, low risk, simple to certify solutions with the lowest cost of ownership of any time and space partitioned COTS RTOS.



HeartOS™ is a POSIX-based hard real-time operating system that is well suited for small to medium embedded applications, including safety critical applications. HeartOS was designed to operate on 16-bit and 32-bit platforms, however it is configurable without the POSIX layer for memory constrained 16 or 8 bit systems.



OpenArbor® is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) designed for embedded, real-time, mixed language projects. OpenArbor has been fully integrated with DDC-I’s premium safety-critical embedded RTOSes and development tools.



SCORE® (Safety Critical, Object-oriented, Real-time Embedded) is a customizable, mixed language toolset which is designed to support safe programming. SCORE supports a variety of target processors and languages, individually or integrated.



Serving the safety critical industry for over 30 years, DDC-I has supported many large scale programs with mature Ada83 and JOVIAL software development systems which are field proven on hundreds of applications. Many legacy programs are facing extended lifetime requirements and DDC-I will continue to support them for the long term.