Mature Development Systems, Field Proven on Hundreds of Applications


With over 30 years of experience supplying COTS and custom embedded solutions, DDC-I provides long-term, strategic advantages to an every changing safety critical industry. Many large scale legacy software systems are facing extended lifetime requirements. DDC-I is committed to these programs for the long term and will continue to maintain and support our products as long as our customers require.

Legacy Ada Customers, did you know you can update your host computer from WindowsXP to Windows 7 or 10?

    Please contact me about a Windows upgrade for my Ada program.

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    Ada83 Development Systems


    • TADS (Tartan Ada Development System) cross compiler systems targeting M68K, i960 and Mil-Std-1750A
    • DACS cross compiler systems targeting Intel 80x86 and Mips
    • DACS native compiler systems
    JOVIAL Development Systems
    • DJCS cross compiler system targeting Mil-Std-1750A, Z8000, & Z8002