An Eclipse-based IDE & Tool Set for Embedded Real-time Mixed Language Projects


OpenArbor® is an Eclipse-based IDE which builds on the open Eclipse framework to provide development support for real-time, embedded application developers. OpenArbor is the foundation of a powerful environment for our industry leading development toolsuite targeting our DO-178C certifiable RTOSes, Deos™ and HeartOS, as well as various runtime and embedded environments.

  • Full integration with DDC-I's premium safety critical and embedded operating systems, Deos and HeartOS. Complete solution from one vendor.
  • Eclipse framework offers access to numerous third party tools. This provides the user valuable flexibility to tailor each project to meet their needs, not tied to a single vendor for all tools.
  • Advanced mixed-language technology offers the unique ability for existing programs to easily and seamlessly integrate with Java. Now development teams can save money by reusing existing code written in other languages such as Ada, C or Embedded C++.
  • Mixed Language Debugger supports debugging of optimized code. Users can save time by being able to debug the actual code delivered to their customers.
  • A Java solution with distributed, real-time garbage collection. Deterministic behavior, no interruptions for garbage collection.
  • As current contributors to the Java "Expert" group for Safety Critical Java, DDC-I will update the OpenArbor toolsuite to include Safety Critical Java upon completion of the industry standard. Experienced solution provider committed to safety critical design.
Available Components
  • Source Code into Machine Code
  • Ada Compiler
  • C, C++, EC++ Compiler
  • Wizard Facilitating Mixed-Language Support
  • Bare Run-Time Environment
  • HeartOS Development Environment
  • Bare Run-Time Environment
  • Deos Development Environment
  • PC with Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7 and/or 10
  • Sun SPARC/Solaris
  • JTAG Probes (Optional)
  • Appropriate Target Hardware