Software Trouble Report (STR)

When you submit a Software Trouble Report please make sure to include all relevant information, so that DDC-I may take quick action on your report.

Please attempt to reduce the problem to a simple test case. In particular, minimize the number of compilation units involved. Include detailed comments on source code listings. Please include the full contents of the original source code text file. If the source code is extensive please provide them in a machine readable form.

Required Information

  • Your Name
  • Company and address including phone and fax no.
  • DDC-I product version, release, component, platform and target Host and target operating systems, version no. and release
  • Your customer number (Software License Agreement Number)
  • Description of the severity of problem for example:
    • All work has stopped
    • Work can continue with some trouble
    • Work can continue without trouble
    • Full problem description including any or all source code.

Submit Trouble Report