Customized Tools and Services Tailored to Fit Your Needs

s_CustomServices_0001At DDC-I, we do more than just provide high quality tools. We work very closely with our customers to co-develop a solution that fits individual needs.

One example is the Boeing/Sikorsky Comanche Helicopter Program. With a directive from upper management to reduce costs and improve software development processes, the Comanche Team gathered all the vendors on a uniform development platform. The individual teams learned collectively, dramatically reducing inevitable redundancies between the project teams. The uniform development platform used was the DDC-I Comanche Ada Compiler System (ACS), proposed by DDC-I when Boeing updated the processors in the MEP from the older Intel 960 to the newer Pentium.

The Comanche ACS developed for Boeing by DDC-I was based on the proven DDC-I Ada Compiler System (DACS). Serving as the central hub around which the entire Comanche MEP software development team designed their individual systems, it contained a number of proprietary modifications designed specifically for Boeing. Alongside their already unique debugger technology, DDC-I also created a custom version of their leading run-time system which addressed specific Comanche requirements.

DDC-I Program Success Stories