Bradley Fighting Vehicle: Precision Targeting On The Cutting Edge

s_success_i_0004Key Subcontractors Harness DDC-I Tools for Ongoing Bradley Upgrades

Product: DACS

Developed and enhanced over the last twenty-five years, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle is a mainstay of American ground forces, delivering personnel, firepower and battlefield telemetry in challenging environments around the globe. Earning a reputation as one of the finest fighting vehicles in the world, its mobility, survivability and shoot-on-the-move capability are the result of continual enhancement to meet and exceed the requirements of the changing battlefield.

DDC-I’s proven DACS development tools continue to contribute directly to Bradley development, most recently responsible for embedded software for the turret drive and electronic transmission control units in the newest Bradley A3. Estimated to be an order of magnitude more challenging than previous Bradley programs, the A3 upgrade involved development of hardware and software by a large number of subcontractors located around the world. Efforts were magnified by the estimated 1.5M lines of code necessary to make everything go.

Safety-critical embedded code generated with DACS spins the improved A3 turret design and keeps the Bradley’s gears turning. The turret’s 360- degree continuous traverse enhances automatic dual target tracking, automatic gun target adjustment, automatic sighting, hunter/killer and day-and-night vision capabilities. The GM-Allison hydro-mechanical automatic transmission harnesses a 600 hp Cummins diesel engine, with a top land speed of 38 mph (61 km/h), amphibious capability and a cruising range of 250 miles.

In addition to standard combat roles, variants of the Bradley serve many others, from air defense support (M6 Linebacker) and troop and cargo transport (M993 Carrier) to the medical AMEV/AMTV (Armored Medical Evac/Treatment Vehicle). The M4 Command and Control Vehicle (C2V) provide commander and staff with a protected environment at the pace of today’s armored forces. Providing protected transport of an infantry squad on the battlefield and watching over firefights to support dismounted infantry, the Bradley can suppress and defeat enemy tanks, reconnaissance vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, bunkers, dismounted infantry and attack helicopters.

Scouting, essential fire support, and laser-sighting missions are a crucial capability on the emerging 21st century battlefield. Incorporating the latest improvements, taking lessons learned during recent deployment of vehicles in the Middle East, the Bradley is engaged in ongoing project development and DACS remains involved.